Katrina Nash

Gilly’s Gift have been extremely generous providing me with a grant to attend the National Centre for Integrative Medicine on elective, which they kindly let me use for the Institute for Functional Medicine AFMCP due to the COVID pandemic.

...This has enabled me to expand my knowledge beyond the medical school curriculum to obtain evidence based knowledge on lifestyle and functional medicine. With this knowledge, I have set up a Holistic Medical Society at University and been part of research looking at the microbiome and lifestyle medicine. I hope to continue further to intgegrate this knowledge with my NHS work as a doctor and take a holistic approach to imporove my patient outcomes. Thank you Gilly's Gift!
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It was my childhood dream to be a doctor and my main focus has always been maintaining good health and supporting our internal systems – physical, mental and emotional. Following GP training, realising the huge chronic illness burden and the modern emphasis of relying on medication, I decided to train myself to get a better understanding

...of a personalised lifestyle approach and thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine’ course in London in 2019.
Following this, I became aware of the wonderful charity run by Gilly and Simon and they kindly part funded my AFMCP online course for which I am extremely grateful. Read a more personalised lifestyle approach and thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine’ course in London in 2019.

Following this, I became aware of the wonderful charity run by Gilly and Simon and they kindly part funded my AFMCP online course for which I am extremely grateful.

...I am now able to understand further what my patients are reading on the internet, as some of them are actively looking for solutions similar to these and to help them navigate the different approaches safely (unfortunately some false claims seem genuine to them). The charity wishes to integrate the evidence from all forms of medicine and treatments which is truly the way forward.



I am most grateful to Gilly’s Gift for supporting my interest and passion in a more holistic approach to health, with funding towards the online AFMCP. This was fascinating. I have since gone on to work with members of the community I serve as a doctor,

... and many others, to try to provide the conditions for individuals and communities to improve their own health, through attention to food, physical activity and other areas.
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Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh

Gilly’s Gift to humanity could not be more profound or enduring. She has proved beyond any shadow of doubt that the body can be healed of cancer, without any conventional treatment whatsoever!

...To me, as a holistic cancer doctor, the most immense gift that Gilly has given is that I can say in all honesty to the patients that I meet each week, that cancer can heal naturally. The minute we know something is possible, we can believe it. The minute we have strong belief, then everything is possible.

Gilly and her husband Simon have now dedicated themselves to creating Gilly’s Gift to fuel the hopes and dreams of others. Most particularly, they desire to support doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals wishing to study non-conventional healthcare approaches. Already they have sponsored students studying integrated medicine to make elective studies in far flung corners of the world, where traditional models of healing are practiced. In this way, Gilly’s Gift is pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and hope still further. Even more beautiful than that, Gilly’s Gift is gifting bursary funds to others on the cancer journey who do not have the financial means to pay for the kinds of remedies and therapies which were so vital for Gilly for her healing.
I sincerely hope that you will feel moved to donate to this charity to allow Gilly’s Gift to go on, creating ever widening ripples of love, healing and opportunity.
Dr Rosy Daniel is the founder of Health Creation


Dr Angela Goyal

The support from Gilly’s Gift allowed me to undertake the AFMCPUK training. Due to this I was able to bring a more whole person approach into my GP and Dermatology consulting with patients. As an NHS GP I could see how beneficial this is for my patients and became determined to spread this knowledge to other healthcare professionals as it is not included in medical training.

... I have thus created Inspired Medics to provide a Lifestyle Medicine education package for healthcare professionals.
Since completing AFMCPUK I have been involved in training thousands of GP's and healthcare professionals through our own courses and as an invited speaker for other organisations, such as the Royal College of GP's and Pulse Live.

I will always be very grateful for the support I received from Gilly's Gift. This enabled me to get started, then to go on and educate many more healthcare professionals in the UK and internationally, and impact many hundreds of thousands of patients.

My vision is that all healthcare professionals globally receive this type of training to practice alongside conventional medicine, ultimately for the best outcomes for their patients.


Dr Michael Cameron

I was delighted to get the news that Gilly’s Gift would support my attendance at the AFMCP course in London in May. I look forward to tackling the recommended preparatory chapters in the textbook of functional medicine.

]...Thank you very much for your generosity in supporting my venture into integrative medicine. Already, over the past few months, my interest in medicine has been rejuvenated and enlivened through contact with functional medicine and I look forward to getting to grips with it.
Your own conviction surrounding integrative approaches is also something valuable both to doctors and patients. It comes across well in your website and is strongly witnessed by your charitable commitment. So thank you for that too as it has helped to break the inertia and spur me on to new things.

Dr Rosamund Yoxall BSc BMBS MSc

I attended 5 days at the ‘Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’ conference in 2017, kindly supported by Gilly’s Gift. I am incredibly grateful to the charity for supporting doctors and medical students with an interest in integrated medicine to further their knowledge and skills.

...AFMCP helps equip clinicians with the architecture and structure to organise the patient’s medical history in a more insightful, chronological way. Amongst so much more, it opens the door to new knowledge, a ‘bigger toolkit’ of lifestyle-based management strategies, and a method of practising medicine that focuses on building a therapeutic relationship, so both patient and clinician feel satisfied by the experience.

...I see functional medicine not as a direct alternative to mainstream medicine, but as a potentially powerful adjunct. Indeed, should myself or a family member develop a chronic disease I would now seek out an appropriately qualified functional medicine practitioner to support recovery. Through their sponsorship programme, Gilly’s Gift are enabling more clinicians to learn these skills and integrate them safely into their practice. Thank you very much for this generous contribution to the developing landscape of medicine.
Dr Rosamund Yoxall is now a writer focusing on nutrition, health and lifestyle, find out more at Sage Health and Nutrition


Hannah Ward – following student elective on ‘How complementary treatments are integrated with conventional medicine in Iceland’

I would like to thank you and everyone at Gilly’s Gift for the funding you gave to me. I had the most incredible time away and learnt a huge amount. I will definitely carry it with me through my career as a doctor.


I was extremely grateful to receive ‘Gilly’s Gift’ when I was undertaking my postgraduate diploma in Integrative Medicine. It enabled me to pursue and receive a life-changing experience with teachers of Medical (Zhineng) Quigong in Beijing, China.

...At the time there were around ten thousand untranslated Chinese medical studies demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of this therapeutic intervention. With the help of my hosts I was privileged enough to view many of these results, which, along with the interviews I conducted, changed my practice and understanding of health and disease for life. I continue to study this over here myself, with a view to one day incorporating it into a low cost community integrated health centre. Thank you so much Gilly’s Gift.

Dr Anna Forbes – Integrative Doctor https://www.drannaforbes.com/