What We Fund

What We Fund

Gilly’s Gift is committed to supporting the training of medical professionals and students in integrated or holistic medicine and currently offers the following opportunities:

Gilly’s Gift offers bursary funding to medical students and doctors towards the cost of IFM online courses including Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) and Advanced Practice Modules (APMs). Applications should be made to mail@gillysgift.org.

Inspired Medics offers two modules in lifestyle medicine at a normal cost of £225 each. Gilly’s Gift is offering bursary funding to medical and healthcare students resulting in a cost of £100 to successful applicants. Applications should be made to mail@gillysgift.org .

PLM has been successfully run with good support by Clinical Education for a number of years. It has now been relaunched as an online course by Practice Unbound and Gilly’s Gift is funding a bursary scheme for medical students. Click here for information on bursary applications.                       

For some years Gilly’s Gift has provided bursary funding to doctors and students towards the cost of attending Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), an Institute for Functional Medicine course presented by Clinical Education in London. This course has been suspended until 2022 due to the pandemic and all interested parties are encouraged to visit IFM for their online courses in the meantime.

Gilly’s Gift has provided funding towards the development of a series of training modules in holistic healthcare appropriate for students. These modules are currently being prepared and when issued, members of The Association will have free access to them. The yearly membership fee is £30.
Click here for more information.

NCIM is increasing its educational offering to run a series of short courses in Integrative Medicine. Gilly’s Gift will be providing 50% grants for the ‘IM Bitesize’ courses to successful applicants. Please email education@ncim.org.uk to apply.

  • Travel grants

We offer travel grants to medical students for their electives so that they can experience integrated medicine practices not readily available in the UK. Grants are typically £500 and applications should be made to mail@gillysgift.org.

Please note, in keeping with our charity’s main objective, Gilly’s Gift will only consider applications for electives that have a strong focus on Integrative Medicine as described on our website.

If there is a learning opportunity you are interested in that we don’t have listed here, please contact us at mail@gillysgift.org.